quinta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2012


"I started up the engine, closed my eyes and revved the throttle. What a delightful feeling. A memory of the first time I saw the 2002 Turbo flashed before me. I was happy. The interior was equipped with a three-spoke motorsports steering wheel and felt at home in my hands. Upon opening my eyes I saw a red instrument surround within the main cluster and a VDO boost gauge with analog clock mounted in a central pod above the dash. I just had to take it for a drive. The first driver I pulled behind simply moved out of the way. Perhaps it was the intimidating reversed ’2002 Turbo’ decal. This was the same decal that my father saw as the 2002 Turbo passed us. Simply amazing."

Esse texto, que mostra que o cara que o escreveu também gosta muito dos carrinhos bávaros, foi copiado daqui.

Isso porque tem um outro sujeito que também gosta de BMW e recentemente restaurou um parecido, que é esse aqui.

Alá o 2002 dele (o do Adriano):

E olha só que caprichado que saiu esse 2002 Turbo:

Se a parte de baixo tá assim, imagina só o resto.